May 26, 2018  
2017-2018 Undergrad Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergrad Catalog

Physical Education K-12 Certification, BS

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Required Credits for Major: 71

Program Code: BS-PE-K12

With Optional Health Certification: 83 credits required for Major and Endorsement (Program Code: BS-PE-KH12)

Add three (3) credits for Optional Drivers Education Endorsement

Program Specific Policies:

  • Prior to starting the required core courses for this major, students must:
  • Students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA with at least a C in every major course, and a 3.0 GPA in the Physical Education major to student teach and be recommended for certification. 

Pioneer Success Seminar

Required Course: 1

University Core Curriculum

Required Credits (excluding those completed as part of the major requirements): 34

Seven (7) University Core Curriculum courses are specified by this major:

  • UCC Area 1: Personal Well Being: PBHL 1100  
  • UCC Area 2B, Expression, Writing: ENG 1100  
  • UCC Area 2C, Expression, Literature: ENG 1500  
  • UCC Area 3C: Ways of Knowing: Social and Behavioral Sciences: PSY 1100  
  • UCC Area 3C: Ways of Knowing: Social and Behavioral Sciences: SOC 1010  
  • UCC Area 3D: Ways of Knowing: Scientific Perspective: BIO 1120  
  • UCC Area 3E: Ways of Knowing: Quantitative Thinking: MATH 1300  

Two (2) University Core Curriculum courses are completed as part of the major requirements: 

  • UCC Area 4: Diversity and Justice: KNES 2550  
  • UCC Area 5: Community and Civic Engagement: EDUC 4285  

Click here for all University Core Curriculum requirements and courses.   

World Languages Requirement

Required Credits: 0-6

Click here for World Languages requirement and courses.  

Physical Education Specialties

Required Credits: 6

Additional Required Courses Supporting this Major

Credits Required: 11

Technology Intensive Requirement

Required Courses: 2

Two (2) Technology Intensive course is completed as part of the major requirements:

CISE 3700  

KNES 2200  

Writing Intensive Requirement

Required Courses: 4

Two (2) Writing intensive courses are completed for University Core Curriculum Areas 2B and 2C: ENG 1100  and ENG 1500  

Two (2) additional Writing Intensive courses are required for graduation.

Click here for Writing Intensive requirement and courses.   

Optional Health Certification

Required Credits: 12

  • PBHL 1100 Healthy U (Completed as part of UCC requirements)

Optional Drivers Education Endorsement

Required Credits: 3

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