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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music - Performance Percussion, BM

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Required Credits for the Major: 89

Program Code: BM-MUS-PPEC

Will. Power. 101

Required Course: 1

University Core Curriculum (Music: Performance & Jazz Studies)

Required Credits: 31

Bachelor of Music students complete a modified University Core Curriculum:

One (1) University Core Curriculum Area 2B course is required: ENG 1100  

Rather than completing one course in each of University Core Curriculum Areas 2A, 2C, 3A and 3B, Bachelor of Music students take two (2) courses from any of these areas. The two (2) courses must be from two (2) different disciplines and cannot be music courses.

Bachelor of Music students take on only one (1) course from University Core Curriculum Area 3C, Ways of Knowing; Social and Behavioral Sciences.

For Jazz Studies students, the following University Core Curriculum courses are suggested:

University Core Curriculum requirements and courses.  

Bachelor of Music Core Requirements (Performance)

Required Credits: 27

Basic Conducting Requirement

Credits Required: 3

Large Ensemble Requirement

Required Credits: 8

Take a Large Ensemble course for eight semesters; select from the following:

Chamber Ensemble Requirement

Required Credits: 7

Take a Chamber Ensemble course for seven (7) semesters; choose from the following:

Functional Class Piano Requirement

Required Credits: 4

Performance Seminar Requirement

Required Credits: 8

Take the Performance Seminar course for eight (8) semesters:

Recital Hour Requirement

Take the Recital Hour course for eight (8) semesters:

Percussion Concentration Requirements

Required Credits: 8

Technology Intensive Requirement (Music)

Required Courses: 2

One (1) Technology Intensive course is completed as part of the major requirements: MUSI 1580  

One (1) additional Technology Intensive course is required for graduation.

Technology Intensive requirement and courses.    

Writing Intensive Requirement

Required Courses: 4

One (1) Writing Intensive course is completed as part of the University Core Curriculum, Area 2B: ENG 1100  

Three (3) additional Writing Intensive courses are required for graduation.

Click here for Writing Intensive requirement and courses .

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