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2017-2018 Undergrad Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergrad Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Asian Studies - Japanese Language, BA

For information on the Asian Studies major

Required Credits in Major: 30

Program Code: BA-ASN-JPAN

Pioneer Success Seminar

Required Course: 1

University Core Curriculum (Asian Studies)

Required Credits: 37

One University Core Curriculum Course is completed within the major:

Additional University Core Curriculum requirements may be satisfied within the major depending upon elective choices.

Click here for all University Core Curriculum requirements and courses    

World Languages Requirement

Required Credits: 0-6

Students must complete or test out of JPAN 2110   Intermediate Japanese II as a pre-requisite to the first language course required within the major.

Asian Studies: Japanese Language Tutorial Electives

Required Credits: 6

Technology Intensive Requirement

Required Courses: 2

Click here for Technology Intensive requirement and courses.   

Writing Intensive Requirement (Asian Studies)

Required Courses: 4

One Writing Intensive course is completed as part of the University Core curriculum, Area 2B: ENG 1100  

One Writing Intensive course is completed as part of the Asian Studies program requirements: ASN 4800  , CHIN 4000  or JPAN 4000  

Two additional Writing Intensive courses are required for graduation.

Click here for Writing Intensive requirements and courses.